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Favorite Superhero

Favorite Superhero


Since April 28th is national superhero day, Archit Maid has chosen this week's topic to be your favorite superhero. If you want to have the chance to be able to choose next week's topic, all you have to do is be an active participant!

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Places for Spring Break

Favorite Place for Spring Break


Usually, we go somewhere for Spring Break but because of what is happening right now, we can't go anywhere. We wanted you to tell us a place that you went to for Spring Break and something you really enjoyed about it. We went to Cancun, Mexico and we really loved Chichen Itza. We made a model of it and posted it on YouTube. If you guys want to build it, go visit

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Favorite Sport

Favorite Sport


Since sports are fun, we sometimes don't even know where they came from or some old rules that used to exist. It is your job to find something new about your sport, and some of these things that you might find even will surprise you!

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The members on our robotics team did robotics for 2 years and we all loved it. We wanted you to know what robotics was so you can also join the fun someday.

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One of our team member's birthday is this week and we will celebrate by eating cake and sing a birthday song. This got us wondering: How do people around the world celebrate their birthday? Your job is to make a model on what you learned about birthdays.

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March Madness

March Madness


Since this month is march, March Madness is supposed to be going on. But due to the coronavirus, they got canceled. We wanted you to research this topic so you can join in the madness of basketball next year!

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