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Virtual Lego Club (VLC)

Welcome to the Virtual Lego Club (VLC)! This club is created to encourage science, technology, creativity, family bonding, and fun!
Each month we will have a topic to challenge your researching, writing, and building skills!  You need to research the topic, write down what you've learned, and build something out of Lego that represents your connection to this topic.
Be creative,  innovative, and have FUN!
Archived VLC challenges HERE
Featured YouTube Videos:
Lego Rover on Mars
Chichen Itza

Special Topic:

Virtual Lego Club  (Techies Mascot)

Seeking Team Mascot


Great news! We are starting our first year as an FTC (First Tech Challenge) team, the Techies! And we are looking for your input!

We are looking for talented kids to design the team mascot with LEGO! 


We will issue certificates to all participants.

If your design is chosen, you will be our HONORARY team member, and will be invited to our various team activities!


Please submit your ideas by clicking the link below.  

Click here to submit your entry!

We look forward to seeing your design!

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